We’re in business to serve you. As a commercial customer, we know you don’t have time to waste. We’ll never postpone or delay service. If you need an immediate response, we’ll send the first available technician. For scheduled services, we work around your schedule. Our pricing is straight forward and consistent.

First Time – Every Time Guarantee. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our First Time – Every Time Guarantee means our work is done right the first time, every time. However, in the unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll return at no charge – no hassles, no haggling.

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Commercial Door Locks

Whether it’s a business, church, school, office building, or other type of structure, we offer the right locks and locksmith services to suit your needs. We only use commercial grade hardware which is made to stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

We are a full-service commercial locksmith offering rekeying, lockout, broken key extraction, lock picking, and many other services. We carry both standard and high-security locks and keys. We sell, install, service, and repair all types of commercial door locks including electronic locks utilizing keypads, cards, wireless, and biometrics to grant access.

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Commercial Door Hardware

We sell, install, service, and repair all types of commercial door hardware including door closers, push-pull bars and handles, panic devices and alarm bars, electric strikes, pivots and hinges, door trim and thresholds, and much more.

Our expert technicians will assess your requirements and recommend hardware that best fits the needs of your facility. We also perform maintenance services including inspecting, testing, adjusting, cleaning, and lubricating door hardware to ensure everything continues working properly.

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Safe Services

We perform a full range of safe services, including installation, maintenance, repair, anchoring, opening, and combination changes.

We also provide loan-out safes. If you have a short-term need, we’ll deliver and install a safe on a temporary basis. We’ll pick it up at no charge once your business needs are met.

Access Control

Having control over access to buildings, offices, rooms and physical assets is an essential part of operating in today’s world. Access control systems provide secure authorization, identification, authentication, access approval, and audit capabilities.

Login credentials including passwords, standard and electronic keys and key cards, personal identification numbers (PINs), and biometric scans are utilized to ensure businesses and organizations have comprehensive access control at all times.

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The world of surveillance is constantly expanding to provide advanced and affordable CCTV systems to suit all budgets. With the development of HD (High Definition) CCTV cameras and recorders, imagery is clearer than ever.

Camera sizes have become smaller and the quality has improved exponentially providing clear live and recorded images, even in complete darkness. Advances in Hard Drive Storage and numerous Cloud Storage options have made the handling of large storage files more accessible and affordable.

Whether monitoring entry and exit points, inventory sites, remote sites, exterior or interior building premises, our CCTV experts work hand-in-hand with you to develop the best CCTV solution for your business or organization. Call us today and get started with a free consultation and site assessment.


Different spaces require doors with specific functions. We offer a wide variety of door types including aluminum, hollow metal, and wood. We also provide the right door hardware to reduce maintenance and repair costs and extend the life of your doors.


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