New and Refurbished safes. We specialize in commercial quality safes designed to meet the strictest standards. Our offerings include High Security TL rated safes, B and C rated safes to protect from burglary, theft and fire, and quality gun safes to protect your firearms and related equipment.

Delivery and Installation. Our safe professionals will deliver and install your safe anywhere within 50 miles of Houston, Texas. For those outside our service area, we’ll arrange for delivery to your curb or for professional delivery and installation to your designated location.

Loan-out safes. If you have a short-term need, we’ll deliver and install a safe on a temporary basis. We’ll pick it up at no charge once your business needs have been met.

Safe Services. We perform a full range of safe services including installation, maintenance, repair, anchoring, opening, and combination changes.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call or come by the store and we’ll help find the perfect fit for your business needs.

High Security Safes

  • Protect valuables of all types including cash, pharmaceuticals, jewelry, and documents
  • Resists attack from tools and torches
  • Multiple safeguards to protect against intrusion

Deposit / Drop Safes

  • Protect money, keys, documents, etc.
  • Anyone can make deposits through the hopper or drawer
  • Combination or code required to access secure area

Cash Management Safes

  • Improves cash handling processes
  • Minimizes everyday accounting burdens
  • Deters robbery and internal shrinkage

Floor Safes

  • Protect money, documents, and other valuables
  • Encased in the concrete slab or buried in the ground
  • Very difficult to locate and access

Office and Data Safes

  • Fire rated to protect money, documents, and data
  • Drop tested to protect against entry by repeatedly dropping the safe
  • Can be free-standing or anchored in place

Wall Safes

  • Protects valuables including cash, documents, and data
  • Concealed in wall – very difficult to locate
  • Top and side opening

Gun Safes

  • Protect against accidental gun access
  • Protect against fire and theft
  • Store over 60 firearms in one safe


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